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Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost for becoming a member of HappyDrops?
When you create a DoTerra account through one of our wellness advocates, you are automatically a member of HappyDrops. Apart from this initial investment, there are no other costs to use the information on this page and participate in our ZoomCalls.

If I want to join HappyDrops will it cost me anything?
No. See above.

What is the difference for me between an Wholesale Customer and an Wellness Advocate ?
A wholesale customer needs the wonderful products of DoTerra in everyday life and orders them for himself. A wellness advocate also needs the products for his/her everyday life, but additionally advises others in their use and can earn at least a financial extra, because he/she gets a commission for the recommendation.

Important: Both as a wholesale customer and wellness advocate you have the same purchase conditions.

Can I register directly as a wellness advocate. What do I have to consider when registering?
You can register directly as a wellness advocate, but we do not recommend it. We recommend that you open your account as a wholesale customer, get to know the products in detail and then "upgrade" yourself as a wellness advocate . Be sure to contact your wellness advocate before taking this step. She can provide you with specific support. Also, be sure to contact her if you have more questions about this topic.

How do I find the right starter kit for me?
You can find the selection of starter kits here.

If I have registered as a wholesale customer and later want to become a wellness advocate, is that possible?
Yes, see above.

Is the registration of 20 Euro a one-time fee or is there an annual membership fee?
There is an annual membership fee of 21 euros. However, when you renew your membership, you will receive a free peppermint essential oil in return.

If I realize after ordering that I bought the wrong products, can I return or exchange them?
As soon as you realize that you have ordered something wrong, the best thing to do is to call the customer service. If the order has not been processed yet, they can change it.

Customer Service Switzerland: +41 43 508 2878
Customer service Germany: +49 3056796808

You can also return the shipment during 30 days. More info here.

How can I communicate with other team members?
We have a WhatsApp chat and a Facebook group. Contact your wellness advocate or us to be added to these groups.

Where do I get my information on how to use the oils correctly?
On Happy-Drops in the members area :-)

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